Pianist and composer, his musical work has been closely linked to visual media and stage. His porfessional career began in the 80’s with the rock band Radio Futura, playing the keyboards for five years and touring around the world. After that he directed his work towards visual media. With a solid classical training and extensive experience in the management of technology, his work encompasses both classical orchestral music and electronics. In 2001 he was awarded the Alexander S. Onassis International Prize for his work in contemporary dance.

For television, he has composed the soundtrack of "Heirs" (TVE1) which was a great success of audience for three seasons and 37 episodes. He is also author of the music of the mini-series "Flight IL-8714" and "Carmen Cervera, Baroness," both for Tele 5. He also worked as an orchestrator and "score editor" in the movie "The Devil's Backbone" by Guillermo del Toro. His last film work was the film "Julia's choice" (2014) directed by Norberto "Tito" Lopez Amado, upcoming theatrical release.

pedro navarrete

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